Hello Satori Family!

We are here to happily announce the arrival of the 18th annual Satori Summer Music Festival.

Due to current circumstances, the bulk of the competition will likely still be in an online, video format similar to the one we implemented for last year’s competition.

However, we do have plans of potentially holding the Grand Prize competition live. We will continue to carefully monitor updates related to the pandemic and county and state safety guidelines before making a final decision. We will let all of you know by end of July if the plans go through!

The planning schedule will be similar like last year. The beginning of registration and video submission will start around middle of July, and closed around start of August. The results will come out at the end of August. Hopefully, around the beginning of September, we can host the Grand Prize Competition live.

The detail schedule will be release soon. We will send you email announcement later this month.

Once again, thank you for your continued support through these unprecedented and stressful times. We hope all of you and the community through this competition, and we hope to watch many of your performances in person rather than through the monitor of a computer!

Best wishes,

The Satori Summer Music Festival