We made a typo in the 2024 SSMF handbook. The title of event date are mixed. We apologize for the mistake. The correction has been made to the handbook.  

2024 Satori String Contest

You can download the instruction book from here

Event Time:

Day 1 (Saturday July 13th, 2024) will be all Open and Prodigy categories of Strings, Qualified Categories Age 16 above group of Strings.
Day 2 (Sunday July 14th, 2024) will be all Qualified categories (Age group under 9 to 15) and Grand Prize Contest of Strings.

Contest schedule will be posted two weeks after registration closing.

It is located at:

Staff Accompanists:

Kyungmi Kim  (714) 296-4622
Karen Lee         (626) 823 8052.
Irene Park        (323)810-7775
Barry Tan         (323) 640-6921
(The text message is the preferred contact method.)


What to bring for competition

Important Note: All Judge’s decision are final. Please don’t approach judge unless they have requested.

1. Evaluation Form

Contestants will need to fill out two copies of evaluation form with their entry number, category number, and repertoire.

Your entry number will be available after the contest schedule is released.

It is recommended that contestants arrive 15 minutes before their performance time.
The evaluation form can be found at:

Please print and pre-fill information before the time of competition to expedite the check-in process.

2. Music score for judges.

Music score must either be originals or photocopies with proof of purchase/ public domain origin.
No illegally sourced copies of the score will be accepted at the time of the competition, and any contestants providing an illegally sourced copy will be disqualified to prevent any copyright infringements.

Copies of the score can either be
1) The original score for the piece.
2) An electronically sourced/ photocopied version.  If you provide an electronically sourced/ photocopied version of the score, you must provide a brief description of where you obtained the copy from (i.e proof of purchase, link to public domain source, etc).  Please also make sure to notify our staff when check in. We will verify it for you to avoid any questioning from Judge.

3. Proper performance attire.

Policy and Process

Check-in Process:

We recommend arriving 20 minutes before your scheduled time slot to allow ample time for the check-in process.

Remember to bring your 2 filled-out comment sheets and sheet music for the judges.

Tell the check-in team your entry number, name, and category and they will take note of your attendance. After checking in, you may wait in the plaza OR, if you are planning on having an intense warm-up session, please go back to the parking lot.

A staff member will be bringing 3-5 groups of performers into the building to their assigned rooms at a time in the order of the performance schedule so please be ready when you are called.

WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN TO ENTER THE BUILDING. Do not enter the building yourself as we are trying to limit the amount of people indoors at a time.

Late Arrivals:

If you are running late, please call (626) 268-3591 to let us know about your situation and we will do our best to fit you in when you arrive. HOWEVER, the performance schedule is already very tight, we can’t guarantee that there will be an available time so PLEASE aim to arrive on time.

If the check-in team has not recorded your attendance when your time slot is about to begin and have not already received a call, they will call the number entered from when you signed up and/or your teacher’s number if it was given. Each number will only be called once.

Performance Policy:

Hand the judges your sheet music and comment sheets then head to the stage.

Results will be delivered to the Trophy Distribution table after the entire time slot is done. Please allow the staff up to 20 minutes to process the results and sort the comment sheets. Once the results are posted, you may pick up your trophy and comment sheets.

Time Limits

Prodigy Categories:  10 minutes maximum performing time.
Open Categories: 6 minutes maximum performing time.
All Qualified Category:  4 minutes maximum performing time.

Note: Multiple repertoires are permitted. The time limits will be strictly enforced.

Grand Prize

For this year’s Grand Prize Competition, once you find out you are eligible for the Grand Prize Competition (either through placing 1st in your category or upon judge’s recommendation), you must immediately go to the check-in table and fill out a Grand Prize Competition form with your contact information and repertoire. The full Grand Prize Competition schedule will be released by 9 PM PST Saturday night. Please make sure to check it.

More detail about grand prize competition can be found at:

Due to time constraints, we were unable to make the Grand Prize registration process online like in past years. We thank you for your cooperation and wish you luck in the upcoming competition.


The results for a category’s age group will be announced one hour after that group is done. The trophy and commenting sheets will be handed out at the same time.
Starting this year, we will no longer retain unclaimed trophies and other student competition-related materials after the end of the festival. We relinquish responsibility of handling your awards after the event.

Cancellation Policy:
We will not be issuing refunds two weeks before the start of the Satori Summer Music Festival. The only exceptions would be family or medical emergencies.


Day 1 (Saturday July 13th, 2024) will be all Open and Prodigy categories of Strings, Qualified Categories Age 16 above group of Strings.
Day 2 (Sunday July 14th, 2024) will be all Qualified categories (Age group under 9 to 15) and Grand Prize Contest of Strings.


Event Parking:
Parking Lot C (the one right next to the Music building) is only available for event Judge and Organizer.
Please use the Parking Lot at University Way.



The building layout: