For the Satori competition, we have been very lucky to have a judging pool composed of some of the best educators and musicians around the world. Every year, our judges are alternately selected from this pool to maintain fairness and consistency. We thank sincerely to those who have expressed their willingness to serve as judges. We are temporarily suspending the call for new judges this year as the pool has reached the maximum capacity. If there are new vacancies, we will announce it in the future.

Previous Judge Panel Archive

Chair of Satori Summer Music Festival Judge Panel

Dr. Andrew Park
Assistant Professor, Piano Studies
School of Music – Azusa Pacific University


Grand Prize Strings Contest Judge 2024

Dr. Pin Fei Tang
Cellist, Teacher and International String Music Judge

Frank Ge-Fang Yang
Professor of Violin,Chair of Chamber Music Study  Central Conservatory of Music, China

Tina Qu


Grand Prize Piano Contest Judge

Alison Edwards
Associate Professor of Piano and Area Coordinator at the Cal State Fullerton School of Music.

Dr. Judy Huang
Pianist,  State Chair of the MTNA National Student Competitions and the MTAC Piano Concerto/Solo Competitions.

Representative of Satori Summer Music Festival Committee.