2024 Satori Summer Music Festival Competition Results

Please follow the link list below to find your results.

If you find any error, please contact us at satoristrings@live.com

We are also working on sorting the comment sheet and name plate which have been left behind after competition. We will mail those to you with the address on our file.

People, who left their address with us during the competition or emailed us after,   will receive the missing items to that updated address.
If you have any question, please contact us Tel: (626) 4464638 or Email: satoristrings@live.com.

Satori Strings Winner List

 Satori Young Pianist Winner List



  • How the performance been evaluated.
    Due to the global health pandemic, the festival took place online this year. In the name of transparency, festival staff would like all participants to be fully informed of the adjudication process. 
    Two judges individually evaluate a performance. If there is a disagreement, a third judge will examines and uses both independent evaluations to form a single, consolidated evaluation.
  • How can I find my results?
    All results will be published on the results page and will be organized by instrument category and placement. If you are having a hard time locating your name in the listings, use the Find hotkey (ctrl + F) to search for your name. If you see () after your name, which is the title of your performance video, please make sure it match with yours as well.
    (Category Symbol: VN= Violin , VC= Cello , VA= Viola , PN= Piano
    If you can’t find your entry, you can contact us at satoristrings@live.com.  Please forward us the confirmation email of regstration as well. If you can’t locate the confirmation email, please state your name, email address for the payment.
  • What is that alphabetic number after my category number?
    We try to limit each competition group to be less than 6 people.   If a category contains more than 6 people, we will break it into subgroup. That alphabetic number is the subgroup number. By doing this, Judge don’t have to go through long list of people, then decide which placement to award.
    The subgroup is divided randomly. Multiple first places could be awarded by judge in the same subgroup. 
  • When will awards and comments sheets be available? 

    It should be available one hour after the performance.  We made some huge mistake and caused long delay for some of our contestants. We will mail you the comments sheet and name plate to the address in our file, if you didn’t get it on site. Please give us some time to sort it out. 

  • What to do if the Name is misspelled.
    Although all names are imported from your registration directly. It may still contains some mistake. If you find any problem, please contact us through email with the title “Name Correction”.  The email address is satoristrings@live.com.  Please send us the correct name with your entry no.


  • How long will it take awards to be shipped?
    We will start to send the shipment out at the beginning of September. It may take up to a week for shipping company to deliver.
    (The volume of participants increased significantly this year, so please be wary with any delivery delays. Thank you for your patience!)
    If your trophy is damaged, please take a photo and contact us at satoristrings@live.com. or you can call us at (626) 4464638


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