2020 Satori Summer Music Festival Competition Results

Congratulations to all participants in the 2020 Satori Summer Music Festival. Our judges were very impressed with the performances this year.  Satori staff would like to thank all participants for their hard work.

Please note: the 1st place winner of Open and Prodigy Category will receive an invitation email for the Grand Prize Competition in next few hours. If you didn’t see it please check your spam folder. Sometimes our email has been blocked by the spam setting. The registration deadline is at 23:59, Sep. 4th, 2020 (PST). Contestants may have placed 1st place in multiple divisions (i.e Open and Prodigy), but they will only receive one invitation for the Grand Prize Competition in their age group. Contestants that placed 1st in separate instrument group, such as Ensemble and Solo or Piano and Strings, can participate in multiple Grand Prize Competitions.

Because of this year’s contestant pool’s level of talent, judges wanted more players to have a chance to compete in the Grand Prize Competition and expose their music to a large audience.  As a result, judges had trouble making a final decision and tried giving out multiple 1st place rankings. We did our best to compromise the Judges’ good intentions while still maintaining the competition level in the open and prodigy categories.

This is the first time the Satori Summer Music Festival been hosted online, and we have received lots of question about our competition. We created a FAQ section below to answer some of your questions. It includes performance evaluation,  shipping and delivery, and other related topic, please check it out.

Satori Strings Winner List

 Satori Young Pianist Winner List



  • How the performance been evaluated.
    Due to the global health pandemic, the festival took place online this year. In the name of transparency, festival staff would like all participants to be fully informed of the adjudication process. 
    Two judges individually evaluate a performance. If there is a disagreement, a third judge will examines and uses both independent evaluations to form a single, consolidated evaluation.

  • How can I find my results?
    All results will be published on the results page and will be organized by instrument category and placement. If you are having a hard time locating your name in the listings, use the Find hotkey (ctrl + F) to search for your name.
    (Category Symbol: VN= Violin , VC= Cello , VA= Viola , PN= Piano

  • When will awards and comments sheets be available? 
    Due to current circumstances, some of our order has been delayed. We are working on expedite it.
    Trophies and comments sheets should be available for pickup and start the delivery in about two weeks. We will notify you via email when awards are available.

  • What to do if the Name is misspelled.
    Although all names are imported from your registration directly. It may still contains some mistake. If you find any problem, please contact us through email with the title “Name Correction”.  The email address is satoristrings@live.com.  Please send us the correct name with your entry no..


  • How long will it take awards to deliver?
    We will be pacing the delivery and pickup of awards to certain days. The specific dates will be announced at a later date. To avoid losing packages, please try to be available on those days.
    To avoid mishandling and damage, we will use local delivery service for San Gabriel Valley area. For none local contestants, we will be mailing awards directly to your mailing address through U.S Post service.
    (The volume of participants increased significantly this year, so please be wary with any delivery delays. Thank you for your patience!)

  • Grand Prize Invitation
    The grand prize invitation will be sending out by email after Open and Prodigy results announced.



For any further questions and future updates, please follow us on Facebook and check back on this website!