2022 Satori Summer Music Festival Policy:

Covid Policy

Out of an abundance of caution, we will require that ALL participants–competitors, parents and guardians, and staff–continue to wear masks at ALL times while indoors. Masks are OPTIONAL for competitors performing on-stage but must be worn once a competitor is finished performing. All PIANISTS must also sanitize their hands before performing on any pianos. Hand sanitizer will be provided. Please follow the instructions of the room monitor once you enter your competition room.

Additionally, because every room in the competition venue has a strict maximum occupancy, each competitor will be allowed ONLY ONE parent or guardian to accompany them into competition rooms in addition to any accompanists competitors require. (This means that competitors are allowed 1 parent/ guardian AND any accompanist(s)).

All competition groups have been assigned hourly-based timeslots. If it is not currently your group’s timeslot, please remain outdoors in the courtyard and follow the competition staff’s instructions regarding when to enter your competition building.

Please make sure to arrive and check-in at least 15 min before your group’s timeslot. You will be notified of your group’s competition building/ room at the time of check-in.

What to bring for competition

Note: All Judge’s decision are final. Please don’t approach judge unless they have requested.

1. Music score for judges.

Music score must either be originals or photocopies with proof of purchase/ public domain origin. Copies of the score can either be 1) the original score for the piece or 2) an electronically sourced/ photocopied version. If you provide an electronically sourced/ photocopied version of the score, you must also provide a brief description of where you obtained the copy from (i.e proof of purchase, link to public domain source, etc). No illegally sourced copies of the score will be accepted at the time of the competition, and any contestants providing an illegally sourced copy will be disqualified to prevent any copyright infringements.

2. Two copies of the evaluation forms.

Evaluation forms can be found on the Satori website. Please fill out the competitor’s name, repertoire and other required information. Each competitor’s entry number will be provided once the schedule is ready. Please print and pre-fill information before the time of competition to expedite the check-in process.

3. Proper performance attire.

Time Limits

Prodigy Categories:  10 minutes maximum performing time.
Open Categories: 6 minutes maximum performing time.
All Qualified Category:  4 minutes maximum performing time.

Grand Prize

For this year’s Grand Prize Competition, once you find out you are eligible for the Grand Prize Competition (either through placing 1st in your category or upon judge’s recommendation), you must immediately go to the check-in table and fill out a Grand Prize Competition form with your contact information and repertoire. The full Grand Prize Competition schedule will be released by 9 PM PST Saturday night. Please make sure to check it.

Due to time constraints, we were unable to make the Grand Prize registration process online like in past years. We thank you for your cooperation and wish you luck in the upcoming competition.

General Rule:

  1. All solo music must be memorized in order for the contestant to be eligible for a prize or placement.
  2. Contestants entered in more than one secondary category (Solo, Baroque, American) must use a different repertoire for each category.
  3. Solo contestants can sign up to 3 solo categories within Prodigy and Open. If contestants sign up for Prodigy or Open categories they cannot sign up for any Qualified categories and vice versa.
  4. Ensembles may only be entered in one primary category (Open, Qualified).
  5. Ensemble contestants must supply their own accompanists.
  6. Ensemble contestants may not compete more than once in the same category.
  7. Ensemble age categories are based on the age of the eldest member.
  8. First place winners may not re-enter the same or a lower category the year following their first place win.
  9. Contact between the judges and contestants, teachers and parents is prohibited before, during and after the contest.
  10. Contestants must be present at the awards ceremony to receive their awards. Awards left unclaimed at the awards ceremony will be offered to the next runner up in that category.
  11. Contestants’ contest schedule is selected at random.
  12. If less than 3 contestants enroll in a particular category age group, that section may be discontinued and the contestants entered in a comparable category.
  13. The judge’s decision is final.

 Contest Entry Details

  1. Categorical age placement is determined by the contestant’s age on July 1.
  2. All contestants must provide a copy of the music to be performed for the judges.
  3. All contestants should submit entry forms by event due day. Late entries may be accommodated for an additional $15 processing fee for each contestant.