2022 Satori Young Pianist Contest

Register Online Here

Register Deadline is June 15th 2022

Contest Schedule is located at: http://event.satoricm.net/satori-young-pianist-contest/young-pianist-contest-schedule/

You will receive an email announcement from us once the contest schedule is ready. It should be two weeks before the contest date.

Important Note:

Contestants will need to fill out two copies of evaluation form with their entry number, category number, and repertoire. Your entry number will be available after the contest schedule is released.

It is recommended that contestants arrive 15 minutes before their performance time.
The evaluation form can be found at:



The results for a category’s age group will be announced one hour after that group is done. The trophy and commenting sheets will be handed out at the same time.


Open and Prodigy Categories of Piano Contest, Qualified Age group 16 and above: Saturday, July 9 2022.
All Qualified:  Sunday, July 10 2022.
Grand Prize: Sunday, July 10 2o22

Event Parking:
Parking Lot C (the one right next to the Music building) is only available for event Judge and Organizer.
Please use the Parking Lot at University Way.