Thanks to a generous donation from our sponsor, the Schoenfeld Award, Satori Young Pianist Scholarship, and JingYu’s Young Virtuoso Scholarship will be available again this year. Detailed information about scholarships and prizes may be found here:

Grand Prize Judge

The Judge list for the Grand Prize Competition.

Invitation Process

This year’s grand prize competition will be by invitation only. Invitations will be extended at the judges’ discretion. After the judges review all performances, Satori CM will extend invitations to qualified contestants. The invitation will include a link to the submission form.

Upload Procedure

All grand prize performances will be uploaded onto the Satori CM’s YouTube channel for public view. To facilitate this, Contestants must submit complete video files of their performance along with required information through submission form.

Video files may not exceed 1 GB in size and 8 minutes in length. Contestants may submit a new recording or use the same recording they used in the Satori Summer Music Festival. Video requirements are the same as the Satori Summer Music Festival.

By completing the submission form and submitting a video file, Contestants agree to grant Satori CM permission to publish their recordings on the Satori CM’s YouTube channel for public display and verify that they are the rightful owners of their recordings with the authority to grant such permissions. Recordings will be used for promotional and display purposes only. Satori CM will not use Contestants’ recordings for commercial purposes.

After submitting the grand prize submission form, Contestants will be issued a confirmation ID. Contestants must then pay the grand prize registration fee through When paying the registration fee, Contestants must provide their confirmation ID where indicated. Registration fees must be paid by September 04, 2020. Submissions without registration fees will not be considered in grand prize adjudication.

View Grand Prize Performance

All Grand Prize Contest performances will be made available on Satori CM’s YouTube channel. After all Grand Prize registrations are complete, the performance program will be available on our website at for contestants to view.

Contestants are encouraged to post links of their grand prize performances to social media and share their recordings with friends and family. Allowing others to hear their performances is a great way for young musicians to gain the confidence to play at future performances. The Satori Strings Summer Music Festival’s primary goal is to give our budding performers the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and get out of their comfort zone for the sake of their continued development as musicians. Although the festival is remote this year, sharing recordings and allowing friends and family to celebrate a musician’s work is a good way to replicate the same experience despite social distancing protocols.

The Grand Prize Contest will also include an Audience Award this year. Award winners will be determined in part by the number of views and comments on contestants’ Grand Prize performance videos. Judges will convene to determine award winners based on audience reaction as well as the contestant’s performance quality.

Should Contestants experience any technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the Satori CM team at We will do our best to assist you in the submission process.