Sign-up eligibility:
1st Place winners and/or contestant with Judge recommendation of Prodigy and Open categories are encouraged to sign up for the Grand Prize Contest, which will hold after all the contests of Prodigy and Open categories are finished.

The competition of Grand prize are separated by age group. One grand prize and several special prize winners may be chosen for each age group. If performer(s) can’t meet the Judge’s standard, the Grand prize or special prize may hold out.

  • Grand Prize. Given to the best of total perspect of all performance.
  • Audience Award.  For best audience reaction.
  • Judge’s Award.  Give to best in completion.
  • Presentation Award. Given to the best presentable performance.
  • Technic Award. Given to contestant pay a great detail for intonation and dynamic.
  • Musical Award. Give to the best musical performance for their pieces.

Based on Judge’s decision, several Grand Prize Winners will be chosen each year. We announce the winners’ right after the Grand Prize Winners’ Concert and the Grand Prize Trophy will be presented to the winners.  Since this is the Winners’ Concert that all the contestants will be presented a Certificate of Recognition. We will post entire Grand Prize Concert on YouTube for viewing.
Contest winners are chosen from different age group.

Solo category: 
Category I: 9 year old and under
Category II: 10 – 12
Category III: 13 – 15
Category IV: 16 and older

Ensemble category:
Category I: the older member of 13 year old, or under
Category II: age 14 – 19

$50 fee apply to each of the showcase solo performer
$60 for each ensemble group.