If you choose the “Shipping to Home” option during the registration, your trophy and comments sheet will be shipped out in next weeks or so.

If you choose the “Free Pickup” option, please come to

Arcadia County Park.

405 S Santa Anita Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006

The pickup schedule is:
August 28th 2021 (Saturday) 9:00am – 4:00pm
August 29th 2021 (Sunday) 10:00am – 3:00pm

We will set a pickup tent near the east parking lots (the main parking lots). It will be at the open ground in between the senior center and oak tree picnic area.

You will get comments sheet and trophy.  The name tag will be mailed to you later. So please confirm your mailing address with us when you pick up your trophy.

Pickup Procedure:

  • There will be two desks; one for individual trophy pick- up and one for group trophy pick up.
  • When picking up trophies, please know your participant’s name, Entry No., and Category No.

Our staff will ask you to double check  your mailing address with our record. We will be mailing the trophy name tags to those who have picked up trophies.

In accordance to L.A County COVID Guidelines,

Only 1 person per group should arrive at either of the desks to pick up trophies. We ask that you wear masks and maintain social distance to deter possible spread of disease.
When taking celebratory photos, please be mindful of others.

We hope that you are and will be safe and have had a pleasant experience with this year’s Summer Music Festival.