Recording Cover Page

Recording Cover Page is needed for verifying  performance date.

Please download it from here, and fill the required information.


Video Requirement

  • Although video recordings should be of good quality, we do not require that performances be professionally recorded. Recording with a smartphone would be an acceptable recording method.
  • Video recordings may be posted online through any platform of the Contestant’s choice (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Please make sure the link is working and sharing settings allow for anyone with the link to access the file. If Contestants have privacy concerns, most platforms have the option to post privately.
  • Performance must be recorded with one fixed camera angle, focused on the performer(s). Please make sure Contestants’ hands and faces are visible. Please see the example images of recommended camera angles for strings and piano.
  • Video recording have to be one shot and unedited. If your performance contains two or more pieces, you cannot record multiple videos then edit those together. It has to be one consecutive performance.
  • Keep in mind that presentation is one of the competition’s evaluation criteria. Participants should dress as they would for a live, in-person evaluation.
  • Video recordings should be of recent performances made after June 1, 2021. It has to include a cover page at the beginning.  Important: the Edit in cover page will not be accepted.  (see the video recording step section for details).
  • For Contestants performing on stringed instruments, piano accompaniment is not required. Judges will be evaluating solo performances and scores will be based on the Contestants’ performance only.
  • Please restrict video lengths to the following times *Judges will not consider material past these recording times:
    • Qualified (including Qualified, Entry Qualified, and Junior Qualified): Maximum of 5 minutes
    • Open: Maximum of 7 minutes
    • Prodigy: Maximum of 10 minutes


Performance Video taken example.

Please go to for the example.

Video recording steps

To ensure that your video meets all of the competition’s requirements, please follow these steps:

The submission period for the 2021 Satori Strings Contest will begin soon. Here is a tutorial on how performances for the 2020 Satori Strings Contest should be recorded and submitted.

  • Step 1: Print out the recording cover page located on the Satori Strings Contest Fee and Form
  • Step 2: Fill in the fields on the recording cover page legibly by hand in a dark color that is visible on camera
  • Step 3: Briefly hold up your completed recording cover page before beginning your performance
  • Step 4: After you complete your performance, upload your recording to the platform of your choice. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are all acceptable. 
  • Step 5: Submit a link to your recording on the online registration form. Please make sure the sharing settings on your recordings allow anyone with the link to view your recording.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your performance for consideration in the 2020 Satori Strings Contest. We hope this tutorial was helpful. If you are experiencing any technical issues in this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Example of video


Example 1:

Example 2:

Camera Angle:


Example :

Camera Angle: