Due to restrictions on public gatherings from COVID-19 guidelines, The 18th Satori Summer Music Festival will, again, be online this year. After the overwhelming success of last year’s online festival, we are confident that our students will continue to show resilience in these difficult times and produce fantastic performances that they will all be proud of.

Like last year, students may submit video recordings of their performances for evaluation. The Festival is the perfect platform for young musicians to celebrate the results of their hard work. As always, the Festival is not a competition, but a chance for students to practice performing for others.

How to participate

Contestants interested in joining the online Satori Summer Music Festival can record their performance(s) and post them to an online public platform of their choice (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

On the registration form, please include a link to your performance on any of the above-mentioned platforms. Please make sure the link is working and the sharing settings allowing anyone with the link to access the file. Any registration forms that do not include a link to a performance will not be processed. Please see the video Guideline section for more details.

Important Dates:

  • June 1: A cover page will be available for download on the festival website at http://event.satoricm.net/. A cover page is required for every submission.
  • July 12-July 31: Submission window for all students in the Qualified category.
  • July 12-August 7: Submission window for all students in the Open and Prodigy categories.
    • Note: Although submissions will be accepted within these submission windows, please do not wait to submit your recordings. The Festival website experienced technical difficulties on the last day of each submission window last year due to a lack of bandwidth. Please submit your recordings as early as possible. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.
  • August 27: Festival results posted on the Festival website. Sending Grand Prize Invitation. 
  • August 28-29: Trophy pickup dates
  • September 18: Grand Prize competition


Evaluation Procedures

  • Each performance will be evaluated by two judges
  • Evaluation rubric categories:
    • Presentation
    • Technique
    • Musicality
    • Overall Performance
  • Judges will write down their opinions or suggestions on their respective comment sheets and indicate whether a contestant has received a recommendation for the Grand Prize Contest.
  • Contestants may only compete in the Grand Prize Contest by invitation. Judges will issue invitations at their own discretion after the panel deliberates.

Detail Info. and Guideline

  1. Video Requirement & Recording Cover Page
  2. Registration and Evaluation Process.
  3. Grand Prize information.